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YANG Xiong

Social governance, social investigation and decision-making consultation, education sociology, only child and family education, youth trends and youth culture, etc.

LU Hanlong

Applied sociological theory, social statistics and social investigation.


Research on child welfare, social policy and social organization.

LEI Kaichun

Social network, social stratification and social psychology.

LI Jun

Social stratification and mobility, urban sociology, labor sociology.

LU Xiaowen

Social research methods, social structure, social consumption pattern, cultural comparison, urban sociology.

TAO Xidong

Urban area development, social construction and management, regional transboundary governance, international metropolis culture construction, youth development education.

XIA Guomei

Social anomie, public policy, gender, AIDS, drugs and public health.

ZENG Yanbo

Youth values, youth employment and mobility, family education.

ZHANG Jiehai

Social mood and cluster behavior, emotion and communication, decision-making emotion, media group image.

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